Coronavirus Outbreak in Nigeria – this is what informed Nigerians should be doing

Coronavirus Outbreak in Nigeria – this is what informed Nigerians should be doing

Truth be told, Coronavirus is real and is fast spreading across nations, so far Nigeria has recorded about 36 confirmed cases of persons testing positive to the virus and 1 out of the 36 is reportedly dead.

There is a huge fear in the minds of concerned Nigerians and the reason is not far fetched, if proper orientation and information are not spreading as fast and far as possible, the virus will spread as fast and as far as possible.

If you take a walk to some interior parts of the country and engage any of the indigenes in a chat, you will discover that a lot has to be done. Most of them are still living under the belief that the word ‘Coronavirus’ is a fairy tale and does not even exist.

While some of them believe the lies peddled around that the virus cannot survive in the Nigerian weather condition, this is a sad situation.

The very one that is of more concern is the belief by some folks living in the cities that God will heal them if they ever contract the virus.

While we are busy writing articles and informing people on the latest development with regards to the spread of the virus, we should concentrate more in sensitizing the people who have no access to the internet on the need for public distancing and personal hygiene, believe it or not, if one person in any of the villages contrast the virus and goes back to the village in less then 30 days we will record more than 500 new cases.

Read what a twitter user wrote below;

Good morning Port Harcourt, please I am at the Market at Rupokwu right now and these people are really saying covid19 is a scam. Please I will like to put up a team of at least 20 people, health professionals and others we will do a sensitisation of the major markets in PH… @nene_finesse

This is exactly the situation, not everyone has access to the internet and these are the most vulnerable set of people we should concentrate on.

How To Prevent Yourself From Coronavirus

Nothing has changed about the way COVID-19 spreads, Dr. Moorcroft says, so the basics still apply. The coronavirus is spread through respiratory vapor, such as when someone sneezes or coughs into the air around you. It can also spread if someone who is infected sneezes or coughs into their hand, then touches a door handle, light switch and other “high-touch” surfaces.

Influenza viruses and common cold viruses are also spread this way. However, now that the virus is more widespread in the US, other preventative guidelines do apply, such as the now-well-known concept of social distancing.

Wash your hands

Yes, this is still the no. 1 way to prevent coronavirus, Dr. Moorcroft says. “The things you should do to protect yourself from the coronavirus are things you should do every day,” he points out. “The no. 1 thing you can do to prevent any respiratory illness is to practice good personal hygiene.”

Washing your hands correctly — using soap and water and washing for at least 20 seconds — or using hand sanitizer when soap and water aren’t available, still stands as the best way to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, according to the CDC.

Stay home

The CDC, the WHO, governments and healthcare workers are all urging people to stay home if they can. Obviously, some people don’t have the luxury of working from home, and people still need to venture out to grocery stores and gas stations. But when you can stay home, do so to flatten the curve.

If you do need to leave the house, follow some basic preventative measures.

Follow local public health guidelines

By mid-March 2020, many states, counties and cities implemented their own protective measures to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. Many public and private schools are closed, and youth sports programs have been suspended just as college and professional sports have. Restaurants and bars are closed or have limited hours and capabilities, as do other nonessential businesses, such as clothing stores.

If your state or local government has imposed guidelines, you should follow them to the best of your ability.

Boost your immune system

On top of basic illness prevention, Moorcroft says the best (and only real) defense against disease is a strong immune system. Your body is better able to fight off illnesses when your immune system is really humming, he explains, and everyone should put in an effort to get theirs into tip-top shape.

“This is a time to focus on all the health habits you may have been putting off,” Moorcroft says. “Start daily activities and food choices that support your health and turn them into habits that will lead to lifelong improvements in health. During this time, get adequate sleep and some fresh air and sunlight daily.”

Also, stay hydrated, minimize overly processed foods and make sure to eat enough micronutrients when you can (try your best with what you can find at grocery stores right now).

Try to stay calm

In addition to your physical health, you should take care of your mental health. High stress levels can take a toll on your immune system, which is the opposite of what you want in this situation. If you’re feeling overly anxious about COVID-19, follow these tips from a psychotherapist to keep your nerves calm.

As we speak, no one is safe, many may be going through the incubation period without knowing, let us do our best to help ourselves by informing others around us on the necessary things to do.

We should collectively and individually go around markets, village squares and various places to inform people on the need to implement stated out preventive measures before what happens in Italy becomes a tip of the iceberg compared to what will happen.

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