Coronavirus: Akwa Ibom State may overtake Lagos State in Covid-19 cases within few weeks

Coronavirus: Akwa Ibom State may overtake Lagos State in Covid-19 cases within few weeks

This to some people may not look possible but if you have been to Akwa Ibom State within the past few days then you will confirm that this assumption is true. According to the latest news, 5 coronavirus cases have been announced in Akwa Ibom making it a total of 174 cases in Nigeria.

The people of Akwa Ibom State until today have been going around their normal businesses as if nothing is wrong and any attempt to try intimating them on the need to stay safe and accept the fact that coronavirus is real tantamounted to nothingness.

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It seemed a fruitless venture and am adventure that will surely yield no positives.

The reply from an average Akwa Ibom indigene was that it will stop at Lagos and Abuja and can never get to them. They even quoted some irrelevant scripture to back up their ignorance.

The State government where not so proactive as they should have and this was our fear.

The marker sellers are the ones we were crying for more because about 90% of them were of the believe that it cant enter Akwa Ibom.

Now it has been announced and confirmed but take this to the bank, except the State Governor takes serious drastic steps faster than even his counterparts, the cases of coronavirus in Akwa Ibom State will shock even the devil himself.

If you doubt this post, please go to Akwa Ibom State this coming weekend and you will see that almost all the local churches will be holding Sunday services especially in Ikot Ekpene, Abak, Eket and the state capital Uyo.

Let us hope something will be done as soon as possible else Akwa Ibom will be the next Italy.

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