“Concentrate on Youtube, Stop Talking About Love” – Lady headbutts Peng Man

“Concentrate on Youtube, Stop Talking About Love” – Lady headbutts Peng Man

Popular Youtuber, influencer and entrepreneur, Peng Man has been seriously headbutted by a lady on Twitter for ignorantly talking about love.

The Nigerian model has recently been making sarcastic posts about love via his Twitter handle and this surely did not sit down well with the lady whose name is Precious Pauline.

See some of the tweets he made below;

😂 omo e go tay before person go break my heart. They can disappoint me or hurt my feelings but can’t break my heart.

I haven’t dated anybody in 6 years! Jesus! 🤯

The few times I almost changed my mind about dating, I almost regretted it 😂 Bruhhh Women are something else & this is not even coming from a bad place lol. It is what it is.

If you see me ever get married or post someone that I’m “dating” then best believe that the woman is something special. A rare breed that I’ll die ontop her matter. The probability of that is like 2/100 sha 😂😂😂😂

Shoutout to the women that tried to hold me down in the last 6 years & failed 💀Go try your manipulative tricks on somebody else’s son, not me.

Dear Kings, don’t fall in love. It’s a trap.

It is obvious these tweets made Precious Pauline upset and she held nothing back as she headbutted Peng Man seriously. See what she said below;

Can pengman just concentrate on YouTube contents, modeling & influencing rather than emotional things??? Or are you intentionally being sarcastic? 😩 Who doesn’t know that love is d greatest thing ever? Stop using “Love” in place of “Relationship” love is a beautiful thing ❤️🦅

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