BREAKING: Soldiers shoots and kill young for defying Stay At Home Order – Pictures

BREAKING: Soldiers shoots and kill young for defying Stay At Home Order – Pictures

Even with the hunger that is going on in the land, things like this are still happening. It is as.

Tragedy struck today in Delta state as a man was shot to death by an officer of the Nigeria Army.

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The yet to be identified victim defied the stay-at-home order of Delta state government and this resulted in his death.

The said man was spotted outside in Warri area of the state where he met his untimely death to the bullet of an officer attached to the Nigeria Army.

The Delta state Governor Senator Ifeanyi Okowa had sometimes last week ordered for total lockdown of the state in order to contain the spread of the global Coronavirus pandemic popularly called, Covid-19.

In other to ensure compliance of citizens, the state government deployed men of the armed forces and other security agencies to the streets.

However, there have been reports of rights abuse by these law enforcement agents against citizens of the state and across the country. The killing of this young man marks a new twist in this issue.

We hope justice is done to the deceased.

Share your thoughts via comments please and say RIP to this soul.

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