Breaking #Covid19! 9 commissioners in Akwa Ibom State allegedly test positive but hidden from public

Breaking #Covid19! 9 commissioners in Akwa Ibom State allegedly test positive but hidden from public

Adetutu Balogun has disclosed that 9 commissioners in Akwa Ibom State have tested positive to coronavirus but are not being announced as they are kept in secret while undergoing treatment.

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Adetutu Balogun wrote that the 9 commissioners are hidden from the public as they are receiving treatment.

Read her statement below;

9 state commissioners have been tested positive for the disease yet still unrecorded as they are currently receiving Treatment at their different residences. #Akwa Ibom

The mother to the owner of Royalty Hotels came back from the US after few days she became sick & died for COVID -19 after her death. Her son also tested positive, the maid died too after testing positive. All still unrecorded.

Another case was a pastor who counseled 2 people who complained they were sick and after he had asked them to go for a test, they instead went home and later died. On getting the news he went for a test and came out positive & currently isolated for treatment. Still unrecorded.

4 deaths unrecorded and yet we are made to believe we have just 11cases and 1 death when it’s more serious than we thought it could be and the leaders are in the know of this while trying to carry out damage control, which is what kills me silently.

Efforts are being made to verify this information and if it happens to be true then it is really sad.

We are calling on the Nigeria Center for Disease Control to investigate these claims.

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