Bishop Oyedepo: The Government Has No Right to Decide Worship Time

Bishop Oyedepo: The Government Has No Right to Decide Worship Time

Bishop David Oyedepo has sent a strong message to the agencies attempting to shut down the Church under the disguise of implementing pandemic measures.

Mr. Oyedepo, who is the founder and presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church Worldwide, also known as Winners’ Chapel International, told his members that he doesn’t see why Churches in Lagos should be limited to only one service in a week when the market opens daily.

In his words, the architect and Nigerian preacher said “I was told yesterday that Lagos state only grants permission to worship on Sundays. That’s a mystery because the market opens every day. That’s a mystery. I advise for a quick rethink”.

Bishop Oyedepo explained that The Church is God’s heritage on the earth and even pastors are told not to claim lordship over God’s heritage. He advised for a quick rethink. He emphasized that the Church is the bride of Christ.

Bishop Oyedepo told his members that  Anyone that touches God’s bride touches the apple of God’s eyes. He further told them: “If you want to know the strength of a man, molest his wife. We are the bride of Christ. I advise for quick caution”.  

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A prominent part of the message was where he emphasized: “The government has no right to determine worship time…..The Church is made up of highly intelligent people. We are not roadside people. The Church of Jesus is the greatest asset of this nation and I’m telling you with facts.”

While referring to the Govt., he added: “When Jesus called the apostles, were you there? I’m asking for those involved in that case – exercise caution. When the Lord of the whole earth steps out his leg, it’s not safe.”

“That should stop now.  Don’t you touch the apple of my eye. You are temporal but I(God) am eternal.”

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Bishop Oyedepo: The Government Has No Right to Decide Worship Time

He advised all the folks behind that scheme to beg God for forgiveness. “Don’t wait for the worst”, he added while thanking God.

Bishop Oyedepo instructed attendees of the service to pick up their bottles of oil and anoint the ground of the Church on behalf of the Churches in Nigeria.

The Bishop also prayed to God to rescue the Church and judge those who try to oppose the growth of the Church.  

In his words, he said: “I call for divine rescue of the church and judgment upon the assailants”.

In another outstanding remark, the Pastor said “when the history of this season will be written, many Nigerians will be ashamed to be called Nigerians.

“Wo is this secretary General of Nigeria? Who is he?…… If you think you can shut down the church, you have missed it.”

He pointed out that the Lord of the church will rise and who doesn’t know will know. He advised members to give God thanks for the triumph of the Church.

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In his closing remarks, the Minister said ” let me close by this. This church is one of the most hygienic centres on this soil called Nigeria……That’s how the spirit of excellence of Christ has been with us.

“One of the most healthy human organizations on this earth is this Church, to the glory of God.”

The Minister was positive that such lockdown as experienced in 2020 will never happen again. In his words, he said “can I tell you this? Never in the history of this nation shall the Church be ever shut down anymore…… Everlasting joy shall be upon your head.

He told the Church the challenge is over and encouraged them to rejoice.

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