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This, of course, is the beginning of a new year and it becomes pertinent to bring answers to these various questions asked by individuals who have the zeal to venture into online business in Nigeria.

The questions have come in various forms like:

What is the online business that is profitable?

What are the legit online businesses?

How do I start a legitimate online business?

How can I work online and earn money?

What kinds of online businesses are the most profitable?

What is the best online business to start in 2020?

What would be a good online business to start?

How do I start an online business with no money?

We will attempt to answer these questions accurately so as providing solutions.  First and foremost, you should understand that the online platform has come to stay and it will stick around for a long time.  Online business in Nigeria is easy to start but not simple, it requires consistency,  constant learning, not afraid to fail, time and the good thing is that most of them do not require a large amount of capital, this for me is the best aspect of online business because it has enabled an average youth to have a business of his/her own without the need to rent a shop, etc.

There are various businesses online that will ensure you have financial freedom and we will try to explain them one after the other.  Please follow attentively.



FREELANCING:  Believe it or not this is one part of online business that people are really making it big.  It requires very little startup capital.  What you basically need is a skill that can be hired.  A freelancer is defined as someone who works on different projects with different companies instead of being a company.  There are various ways you can advertise your skills online and get hired.  There are various freelancing sites online e.g., FIVERR, UPWORK, 99DESIGNS, FREELANCER, ETC.

online business in Nigeria

Understand this, almost all the skills you know or imagine are being needed around the world, your ability to put them up there is the difference between a successful and unsuccessful freelancer.  Skills ranging from Article writing, graphics design, editing, copywriting, drawing, singing, web design, software development, typing, virtual assistance, etc.  There are a thousand skills out there, search yourself and come up with the skill you are good at.  How to become a freelancer is relatively easy, all you need a laptop, access to internet and a skill which is the basic thing.

Content writing is one of the skills that has lots of companies hiring them, if you can write content professionally then you may wish to become a content writer online.  One thing is having the skill, another thing is being able to sell yourself to potential clients who require your services. There are various ways you can do this, through social media platforms, through freelancing sites that allow freelancers to register and get jobs, the latter option is the easiest option to follow.  Simply register on freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc., post your profile and comprehensively explain the things you can do. 

I have personally made over $10,000 from Fiverr and I can authoritatively say that it is an untapped oil well.  I will write an article on how to succeed as a freelancer so keep visiting this site.

 BLOGGING:  This is another online business that requires very little startup capital as long as you have the basic knowledge of computer.  All you need is a laptop, data, and electricity.  You may ask “What is blogging”? well, let me explain a bit. 

Blogging is the act of writing on a blog, maybe sharing some knowledge or skills online by way of offering answers to some questions for readers.  Blogging could mean teaching people some things online through a blog which is like an online space.  What I am doing now is a perfect example of blogging, you may ask ‘how do I make money through blogging’?  It is simple, as you are reading this article, I am having traffic and I can decide to monetize my traffic through different monetization platforms like Adsense, Adsterra or Clickads, etc.  There are hundreds of advertising platforms which offers bloggers the opportunity to earn money through traffic to their blogs. 

Please be aware that this does not come easy, a lot of hard work is required if your blog must start earning money, you have to enjoy writing, write for fun, do not concentrate on making money rather concentrate on having quality contents.

  • Niche Blogging

If you ever think of becoming successful in blogging then you must think about niche blogging, that is choosing a particular area of knowledge you want to concentrate on and write about it, study more and have enough information for your readers, imagine you are the reader, I repeat have quality contents.

I will write more on blogging as an article soon.


online business in Nigeria

This is an aspect of online business in Nigeria that people are really making millions out of, I have personally made so much money from mini-importation that I do not see myself leaving it anytime soon.  Mini importation is the future, it is trending and will always trend.  This simply means importing goods in little or medium quantities and selling them online buy posting on walls, groups or paid adverts.  A complete guide on mini importation is available HERE.  When we talk about e-commerce we simply mean having a website to sell your imported goods, owning a website will help you have a database of your products (images) and customers can easily go through them.  It is one business I will always advise anyone to go into, the market is big and very versatile, and you can import almost anything and sell them. 

  • How to succeed on mini importation

The difference between each online store owner is on sells or turnover.  How much you sell daily will greatly show how successful you are, there are various ways of ensuring you make sells, ranging from product searches, advert channels, etc.


online business in Nigeria

If you want to start an online business that gives you time and almost zero capital required then Affiliate Marketing is best suitable for you.  This is because you are required to market products for sites and get commissions once the products are sold via your affiliate link.  Once you register on sites like Amazon, Jumia, konga, jiji as an affiliate marketer, you will be provided with a link that will be used to monitor your sells.

Affiliate marketing means promoting products for companies and in turn, get paid a certain percentage when those products are sold by your effort.  If you have a website or a large social media followers then you will make money through affiliate marketing.


If you are someone that is always online then you may wish to become a social media consultant,  many companies and organizations look to hire social media influencers to manage their official social media accounts and in turn they are paid a good sum of money.  I feel this is an area that people do not take seriously but surprisingly it is a serious business that many individuals are making money from.  You can also offer advert/promotion ideas to business owners on how to promote and establish a strong online presence, your business grows as their audience grows.


If you have a good knowledge of web developments then get online and make some money friend.  There is a lot of companies out there who need an online presence by way of owning a web site, you just need to establish yourself online as a web developer and the clients will come. You can start by registering with freelancing sites like Fiver, Upwork, etc. as a web developer.   You have to constantly learn of new designs, concepts and styles to amuse your clients.  Be different, be creative, be unique.


Almost every online business in Nigeria I have mentioned here are legitimate, it is only your approach that may be wrong.  They are all legit businesses that can guarantee success if you put in your best and learn constantly.


Very simple,  do proper research on the particular one that interests you, learn the basics, the first steps are usually to register in any of them depending on what you want to do.  For example, if you wish to become a blogger, you must first get a laptop, data access and of course electricity, then proceed to register a blog. If you want to venture into mini importation then first get the basics of mini importation then establish a link in China or wherever you want to import from.  These are steps to start a legitimate online business.


This question has been answered already in this article.  Just choose a niche, start work, do not expect to make it big at the beginning but I tell you surely that the monies will come as you keep doing what you do consistently.


I will say that mini importation is my favorite but let me clear the air on this, how successful you are in an online business is determined by your level of hard work, consistency, and dedication.  I love mini importation but I have made much money through blogging generally.


This depends on the individual, it depends on you. For example, one person may not have a flair in writing but may be so versed in design, the best option for this person is to venture into graphic design so you see all the online businesses are profitable and best, it depends on the individual.

There are other online business in Nigeria that you can engage and make so much income like VTU, youtube, etc.

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Please leave your suggestions and questions in the comment box.  We also offer tutoring on these online businesses and help you stand firm.  If you want me to tutor you then chat me on WhatsApp via 09069164502.

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