Apostle Suleman pushed my daughter aside and slept with my wife – Pastor Davids

Apostle Suleman pushed my daughter aside and slept with my wife – Pastor Davids

Apostle Johnson Suleman has been accused of having an affair with one of his members who the husband happens to be his friend.

The husband, Pastor Davids who had since left the church said Apostle Suleman destroyed his marriage by sleeping with his wife on several occasions.

Speaking through his Instagram account, the young man cried and said the most painful part was Apostle Suleman sleeping with his wife in the presence of their daughter.

Davids said, “My wife was a staffer with NTA Iruekpen, so Apostle Suleman reached out to her that they would need her to build Celebration TV and Rhema for Living. She would have to shuttle between Osun State and Auchi.

“She came back from Auchi to Osun State and said she wanted to talk to me that her conscience was pricking her. I asked what was it and she said that while in Auchi, Apostle Suleman lodged her at Uyi Grand Hotel and he came there and slept with her.

“And the moment she said that, the first thing that came to my mind was my daughter. I asked where was Michelle when this happened and she said Michelle was on the bed, pushed aside, and I asked, ‘You mean you slept with a man with my daughter on the bed?’ I had to let it go because there was nobody I could tell and I couldn’t fight with Apostle Suleman… I forgave her but the amorous relationship continued. One thing I know is that my wife was hypnotised. This is not the woman I got married to, who I knew for 11 years.”

He said Apostle Suleman had been threatening to make him disappear ever since had discovered this, his wife also relocated to Abuja and he has not seen his children for 2 years now.

Davids said, “Apostle Suleman has given her a branch of the church in Utako, Abuja to head without (my) permission. I am calling on Pastor David Oyedepo, Pastor Paul Enenche, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, Pastor Margaret Idahosa, Christian Association of Nigeria, and Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria.

“Apostle Suleman has damaged my life. I have not seen my wife and children for two years and Apostle Suleman says if I ever go near them, he will have me taken out. I have a video where he said he will make me disappear. I don’t want to lose my life.”

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