Another alleged Serial Se x and Nu de Blackmailer in Akwa Ibom State revealed

Another alleged Serial Se x and Nu de Blackmailer in Akwa Ibom State revealed

A popular lady in Akwa Ibom State by name Imaobong Uboh has yet again exposed an alleged Serial S3x and Nu`de blackmailer in Akwa Ibom State.

According to the post made by Imaobong Uboh through her facebook account, Mfon Benson who is working with FCMB in Uyo has been accused of blackmailing women by taking their bare pictures and using it to blackmail them.

Read from her below and see screenshots


On the post I made calling out Idongesit Uyo, a serial nu`de videographer and blackmailer, Bar. Dianabasi Udoh called out Mfon Benson, a married man with kids working with FCMB, Oron Rd Uyo. Dianabasi claims, Mfon keeps videos of women’s nu`de he’s had se`x with and blackmails them with it. Diana claims he knows 3 of such women, one of which works in FCMB which Mfon Uses to get good appraisals for promotion at work or else he shares her nu`des and another of them was his ex wife and mother of his first daughter, whom Mfon was dating before their marriage and whom Mfon continually threatened that, if she left him, he was going to share her nu`de videos. This eventually led to the collapse of that marriage as the lady, for the fear of her nu`de going viral was still seeing Mfon even as a married woman. Diana couldn’t bear it anymore and had to let go of the marriage.

Diana dares, Mfon to come forward and deny these claims. In the absence of any denial from Mfon, the General public especially women should beware of this man. Don’t have se`x with him except you’re willing to be filmed and held captive by his blackmail.

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