Angry South African Writes: Publish the Names of the COVID Fund Thieves

Angry South African Writes: Publish the Names of the COVID Fund Thieves

After the lifting of lockdown restrictions in South Africa by the President, Cyril Ramaphosa, angry citizens have taken to Twitter to reply to Ramaphosa’s televised address.

In a reply to the televised address on twitter, an angry South African said that the President’s action had no impact on the lives of the citizens.

The South African said he and others had been at this lockdown thing on their own while the National Coronavirus Command Council, NCCC, and the President have been stumbling blocks. He mockingly congratulated the mtsulo kaSathana party members on all the wealth they accrued from funds allocated for COVID 19 relief.

See his tweet below!

It can be recalled that the South African President Cyril Ramaphosa on Saturday announced a sweeping removal of lockdown restrictions in the country. He said on Saturday that all indications were that South Africa’s infection rate had declined.

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One of the most outstanding reactions was from a twitter user @sikalele. The South African replied to the video address tweeted by the South African President in a rather calm tone.

He acknowledged the move by the President to lift the lockdown restrictions to be a good one. Nonetheless, he requested to know when the government will publish the names of cadres and companies who have stolen from the COVID Fund.

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President Ramaphosa in the televised address said his Administration would permit restaurants and taverns to return to normal business, and he will lift restrictions on travel across provinces, as well as ending the controversial ban on alcohol and tobacco.

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In South Africa, Some industries have already been pushed to the brink of bankruptcy since the lockdown ensued, and have had to drop thousands of workers.

The lifting of the lockdown will be a huge relief for those companies or those industries.

Another twitter user @APretorius_ZA replied in an unhappy tone. He said it’s the Government that has been telling the same old story. They have been working on a plan to fight corruption, crime, and saving the economy. They have been since 2017, he said.

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He stressed that the South African citizens were tired of Ramaphosa’s rehearsed speech.

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In the televised statement,  President Ramaphosa indicated that South Africa has reached the peak and moved beyond the inflection point of the coronavirus curve.

Another concerned citizen @BevJohnstone6 insists on knowing what happened to the 500billion. The tweet summarized that Citizens must not be bribed by lifting the ban on cigarettes and alcohol.

It also pointed out that the African National Congress, ANC is still corrupt to the core and demanded an update on all the looting and tenders given to ANC employees, friends, and family.

See the tweet!

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