When men who are supposed to utter words of wisdom are the same folks uttering gibberish even fools get flummoxed.

Sir, Fani-Kayode, I have read many of your articles and I can boldly say that you are very fast and quick in writing but sadly that is not the case when it comes to thinking.

You wrote that Tinubu betrayed his people because of his ambition of becoming the President of Nigeria, ofcourse you know how gullible some Nigerians are and surely you will be applauded for saying a lot and at the same time saying nothing.

If I must quote from your letter, you said;

“In all your plans what you failed to appreciate is that God alone rules in the affairs of men. You refused to acknowledge or accept the fact that the Presidency of Nigeria can only be given by God and He gives it to whom He deems fit by prophecy and divine decree”

Sir, so you recognize the fact that God appoints leaders? Sorry, does that mean President Buhari was appointed by God?

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Oh, I think the answer was also provided by you still in that letter, let us read it together then;

He OWNS the Presidency and the minute any man or woman attempts to usurp His role and think that he or she can buy it or manoeuvre his or her way into it by the usage of political intrigues, guile, sagacity, wisdom, power, knowledge, money or anything else, the Lord disqualifies and rejects him.

Such a person will fail woefully and may even end up losing everything he or she values and cherishes in his futile quest.

So you recognize and acknowledge that President Buhari was appointed by God and still going down your letter you insulted and abused him.

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Sir, do you think at all? You are one of the problems we have in this country.

You were a Minister of Aviation, sir can you point to one particular thing you have done that is of benefit to this country?

Because you have been excommunicated from the corridors of power, you now relegate yourself to a Twitter politician.

Tinubu may not be a good man but he has touched humanity positively way more than you.

He has groomed many young men and women who can testify anytime, unfortunately the same can not be said about you.

Sir Kayode, you are practically of no benefit to this country so stop talking.

The only reason you are talking is because you are not in the corridors of power.

Dear Kayode, what do you have to say concerning this part of your letter?

For the last five years our nation and people have suffered because of the calamitious choices that you made and the inexplicable and unconciable alliances that you forged.

You propped up and supported a ruthless, heartless, corrupt, bloodthirsty and cruel regime and tyrant and a President that is clearly beside himself and whose mental and physical faculties reside in another realm and in another world.

So it was Tinubu that made Buhari to become the President and not God again?

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Sir, may I say with all due respect that you should STOP TALKING.

If there is any politician that is retired, that person is YOU.

You are good in criticizing but you have never offered any tangible solution, men like you are the reason we are going through all these in Nigeria.

Stop Talking Sir Kayode! You make a lot of sense when you don’t talk.

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