Akwa Ibom State Gov’t Condemns Unapproved COVID-19 Testing Centres, Threatens to Shut Them Down

Akwa Ibom State Gov’t Condemns Unapproved COVID-19 Testing Centres, Threatens to Shut Them Down

The Government of Akwa Ibom has threatened to shut down COVID-19 testing centres that use any other testing method asides the approved Polymerise Chain Reaction (PCR) method.

This was made known by Dr. Emmanuel Ekuwem, leader of Akwa Ibom state COVID-19 Management Committee, during an interactive session with newsmen in Uyo on Monday.

He revealed that the state government condemns any attempt to use serological testing in the determination of a person’s COVID-19 status.

He stated that such tests had up to 40-per cent chance of error. It could cause an additional threat to the health of such a person, he added.

Dr. Ekuwem revealed that the initiative was a strategy from the government to protect the lives of Akwa Ibom people, and added that the directive was in line with the  NCDC guidelines and well as global best practice.

He said: “In line with emerging realities in COVID-19 detection and management, it has become imperative for the state government to unambiguously define its position on the standard and quality of test acceptable within the borders of Akwa Ibom.”

“Akwa Ibom government, hereby, announces that the testing method acceptable is the PCR test.”

“This position is made under the  NCDC guidelines and global best practices. The primary duty of any  government is the protection of lives and property of its citizens.”

He said that research findings had shown clearly that no other testing method could guarantee less error rate than the PCR, hence, the state government’s preference for it.

He revealed that the state government condemns specifically any attempt to use serological testing to determine a person’s COVID-19 status.

He stressed that the serological test has a very high failure rate and is, therefore a public health risk, which is unacceptable to the government.

“Any health facility or private laboratory seeking to undertake COVID-19 test is reminded that they must first obtain clearance and certification from the NCDC and be registered with the state government.

“Any organisation using or procuring any other testing method for COVID-19 will be shut down by the state government for constituting a public health threat to the people of our dear state,” he added.

He used the occasion to encourage churches in the state to set up an intra- church COVID-19 guidelines and monitoring compliance team, to ensure compliance with COVID-19 protocols in churches across the state.

On testing and care for pregnant women in the state, Ekuwem assured the public that pregnant women who tested positive for  COVID-19 would be treated with the best possible care, following national protocols

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