Aisha battles Daura for Abba Kyari’s replacement

Aisha battles Daura for Abba Kyari’s replacement

Seeking a replacement for Kyari has become a do-or-die affair for the members of the kitchen cabinet.

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Kitchen Cabinet members are:

Aisha for Buba

Daura for Kingibe.

Kingibe is already running the office of the chief of staff while Kyari was away for medical treatment. 

Aisha was not particularly happy with the decision to let Kinigibe into the office to handle affairs in the absence of Kyari.

She saw Kyari’s absence as the opportunity and the opening she had been longing for since her husband’s arrival to the Presidential villa in 2015.

Aisha is determined. The members of the President Executive Council are believed to be privately working to advance the First Lady’s interest to arm-twist the President into reducing the influence of Mamman Daura. Dont Miss This:‘I don’t have Gonorrhea or any STD, Cletus is sent to blackmail me’ – Pst. Mrs. Veronica

They do not want another Abba Kyari-styled chief of staff again. Rather, they prefer a more seasoned and independent politician at the seat. They have no particular affinity to Marwa. They just do not want Mamman Daura to make the choice.

6Aisha knows many secrets. She knows where some of the bodies are buried. She has told some close aides that Kingibe intends to contest for president in 2023. She also believes Kingibe will “certainly betray Buhari”. He is said to be “a very selfish and ambitious politician”.

President Buhari, on his side, has already sealed up his mind on this matter. He has already decided on Kingibe as the next chief of staff. This in not until pressures began to mount from unlikely quarters – who want Mamman Daura’s influence over the chief of staff’s office curtailed.

News source: Adetutu Balogun

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