Again, Bola Tinubu Shows He Lacks The Dexterity To Rule Nigeria as President

Again, Bola Tinubu Shows He Lacks The Dexterity To Rule Nigeria as President

The past one year has been somewhat of a testing period for Bola Tinubu with respect to his rumoured 2023 ambition of becoming the President of Nigeria.

Several Nigerians expected him to rise to the challenge and show them that he has what it takes to lead Nigeria but unfortunately he keeps fumbling at every given opportunity.

The country has never been this insecure and in sincerity, the present administration do not look capable of solving the problem of insecurity but sadly Tinubu does not see it this way.

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His recent actions and statements clearly shows that he has the same mentality or even worse than the present president.

He has also proven that he does not have a mind of his own and lacks the audacity of challenging authorities when things go wrong.

The statement he made yesterday clearly shows that he is running out of ideas and does not know what Nigeria needs.

The statement looks more like a campaign promise and not just that, anyone reading it closely will see that it comes from the mouth of a stooge or someone that should be a spokesperson to President Buhari.

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This statement alone is an insult on the integrity of millions of Nigerians who have seen and can clearly conclude that the president and his administration do not have the answers to the many questions regarding insecurity in the country.

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If Bola Tinubu can not see the many things that are wrong with this administration then he is not even fit to be a local government chairman in present day Nigeria.

One thing is sure, if Tinubu eventually becomes the president of Nigeria then it should be regarded that the North are still in power because he will not have the audacity to challenge them or does something against their wishes.

Without any doubt, President Buhari is a better president than what Tinubu will be.

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