A Special Business Message to Unemployed Youths In Nigerian: Learn a Business from this post and be even better than Civil Servants

A Special Business Message to Unemployed Youths In Nigerian: Learn a Business from this post and be even better than Civil Servants

Nigerian youths are one of the smartest set of people worldwide but sadly and unfortunately, they fall among the poorest set of people globally.

This sorry state is not unrelated to lack of enabling environment to excel and lack of accurate information and ideas that will help them harness their potentials and put them to use.

This post will surely open doors of wealth to about 60% of the people that will read attentively, follow the steps in each business and take it seriously.

I am giving out the most vital information on businesses that will change your finances immediately with almost zero capital requirements, you are not spending any money to get this information so relax, take a sit, grab a glass of wine but if there is no wine please grab a sachet of pure water, soon your story will change.

It is not enough to get information about a business but getting the right, latest and deep information about it is what determines how successful you will be in that business.

There are no good jobs in the country presently and even with the little jobs around, employment isn’t on merit but on connection. The situation is getting worst and every year we have new influx of graduates into the society with no jobs available.

This article is all you need to start an enjoyable and successful journey in any of the businesses and trust me, YOU WILL COME BACK HERE TO TESTIFY IN 6 MONTHS.


The people that are into mini importation are really enjoying now, the amount of online sales has quadrupled, and not just that, prices of products have gone up and that is one unique thing about mini importation, you have the liberty of selling anything at any price.

First let me help you by explaining what Mini Importation is all about, it is simply the idea of buying goods from manufacturing countries like China etc., and selling them online.

It is what I am personally surviving with, it has given me more money than any other business I have ever ventured into. Online sales is one of the best businesses you can venture into if yoou are unemployed and you will not regret it.

Popular philanthropist and businessman, Reno Omoki said recently that; Having an online business is the only thing that can save you from financial ruin even in an emergency like the #CoronaVirus pandemic. When people are at home, they buy more online. Sell online to excel in life. Anything. Books. Services. Anything!

Think I am lying? See his tweet below;

Do not let anyone scare you or dupe you, you can start it and succeed without spending much.

I know the question now will be how to start and what is needed, well that is why I decided to help, I wrote about How To Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria 2020 – (Complete Guide) and you can read it to give you a startup on how to start Mini Importation.

One of the major problems some people face is knowing the right product to sell, this is the most vital part of mini importation and I have taken time to outline the rules here; How To Know The Right Products To Import And Sell.

You do not need a shop or physical address to start mini importation, you do not need a website before you can start mini importation, all you need is a phone and data. You can start mini importation from the comfort of your home.

You may be worried about how you will deliver goods to customers, worry no more because I have everything intact for you, just read, learn and start making your money, I wrote How To Deliver Goods To Your Online Customers In Nigeria At Cheapest Rate. You should read it.

Mini importation is very flexible that you do not need to do one specific thing to succeed, I am making use of simple English Language because I want even the less learned to understand and succeed in this business. This is one business that will ensure you do not lack feeding money and monies to solve some major financial needs. Additional I gave 5 major reasons why anybody should start mini importation and you should try reading it here; Top 5 Reasons You Should Start Mini Importation (E-commerce) 2020

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