8 Secrets to Succeed And Make More Money On Opera News Hub 2020

8 Secrets to Succeed And Make More Money On Opera News Hub 2020

Opera News Hub is a platform that allows bloggers writers to make money through writing for their large audience.  Opera News Hub has over 162 million readers and that is so much a huge platform. 

Having worked and studied the platform for a while now, I have now understood their platform and how you can get your posts trending and make much money.

Contentious/Controversial content

Try writing articles that are controversial but true, these sorts of articles attract readers to make more contributions and comments which in turn increases your income.

Original And New Articles

People seem to be too eager for original and new topics, try thinking as a blogger, think out of the box and find topics that are original and new, this will enhance your income so much.

Post Often

How your posts will go viral depends on how many subscribers you get, the easiest way to get more subscribers is to post as often as possible, though they have 6 posting limit daily. You should try to post as often as possible because each post impression will continue giving you more subscribers.

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Share On Your Social Media Platform

Try sharing your posts on social media platforms to attract more readers. This works like magic and you know your main aim is to have more engagement so do not just sit back, while Opera News is doing the work you are also escalating the process by posting too on your social media handles.

Concentrate On One Niche

Opera News Hub writers are bloggers and the usual blogging secret is to concentrate on a particular niche and build loyal followers, apply the same principles here and you will succeed easily. This platform is giving you a chance to showcase your potentials and get paid easily for it.

Good Article Layout

Arrange your articles professionally before posting, choose good headings and arrange words effectively because you are writing to an audience who needs to understand your write up in less than 2 minutes else they move on.

High-definition and good quality graphics

Yes, this helps improve engagement, if your write up does not motivate the reader to comment then your picture should, get high-quality pictures maybe from Pexels and post, but make sure the images are consistent with the write-up.

Quality Articles

Your articles should be more than 150 words for news articles, and a minimum of 500 words for analysis feature and opinion articles. A minimum of 500 words is acceptable but such content can be more than 500 words. That is what their site says and following this procedure will help improve your engagement which automatically means your earning increases.

If you have a passion for writing or posting news, the Sign Up For Opera News Hub Here and earn so much money.

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