4 Things You Must Know If You Want To Create A Popular Post In 2020

4 Things You Must Know If You Want To Create A Popular Post In 2020

You’ve probably been thinking how to create popular posts, I mean posts that will bring you mouth-watering traffic and in turn dollars if that’s you then welcome on board.

There are 4 frameworks you need to master in other to create popular content.  No one has mastered these frameworks and failed to make it big in blogging so you will not be the first.  Grab a glass of coffee or if you don’t have coffee abeg take zobo…. maybe Oscar Collins’s zobo, sit back and let me amuse you a bit.

1.            Pay Attention To The Structure Of Popular Posts

So you visit a huge site and notice their popular post has over 800K shares, that’s huge right? Check out the structure of the post. I visited https://www.stevepavlina.com/ and discovered that their most popular post there is “10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job”. 

As a blogger, sit back and look closes, how is the post structured?  Starting from the title it is obvious the writer wanted to grab everyone’s attention and surely it was a success.  You will notice that the post is a list post which makes it more captivating.   

Going down the post you will observe they make use of short paragraphs, this shoots up the readability score of the post, always ensure not to make your post so jam-packed, and be conscious of your post readability score. How is it easy to read through at ease? That’s a good point there.  

2.            Being Humorous Is Key

Being humorous on your post will ease your audience’s tension, this can’t be said better.  Try not to be too serious on your post, you are writing for humans not robots; be a bit human while still staying on the subject matter.

Too much of it isn’t good too but try staying in between, let your audience have the feeling you actually enjoy writing for them, your post is meant to solve a problem and not compounding it so stay smart and humorous.

3.            Write Relevant – Today/Tomorrow Post

You can’t possibly write about a past problem that wasn’t solved or a past event and expect it to be popular; we’ve passed that bro, get over it and talk about what’s bugging us today and the future.   

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For example, you cannot write an article about Java Phones and expect it to be popular, that’s past bro, ancient of days post I call it, it will not trend. So write about things that are relevant to the present society and even for the future.

 4.           Write As You Know It – Make Use Of LSI Words

So you are writing about a car and you don’t talk about driver, petrol, tires, etc., and you expect it to be popular? Nah, I don’t see it so, write your articles as someone with full knowledge of what you are writing. 

Take time and get every detail you need, study enough about what you are writing.  Be explanative as possible, half-baked isn’t going anyway boss!  Try to explain each big word you use and bring terms that are relevant to the topic, that’s a good way to go.  I just love reading from Neil Patel, such a talented and awesome writer. 


Final Thoughts

Writing is fun and your article should always portray the same, I will keep updating this post each time a new discovery is made.   Bloggers must not be poor this year, be productive, write with purpose and soon dollars will flow in large quantity..

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