4 Reasons You Must Not Allow Your Partner To Have A Bestie Of Opposite Gender

4 Reasons You Must Not Allow Your Partner To Have A Bestie Of Opposite Gender

According to the Nigerian context, a bestie is a short form of a best friend. This name has caused so many problems in relationships.  Research has shown that 60% of besties have slept with each other either by mistake or intentional either once or many times. Take it or leave it, that’s the truth and the funny thing is people won’t want to accept this bitter truth but deep down they know it’s true.

It is almost very difficult to have a best friend of the opposite gender you meet consistently, tell your secrets to, spend time together and lean on without emotions setting in especially if the person is a pervert.

Let’s talk about the 5 reasons now;

1.            Distraction

The presence of another figure except biologically related in your partner’s life can cause serious distraction. You need your partner to concentrate on you, you don’t want a second figure in his or her life but research has shown that some people especially ladies are comfortable spending time with their male besties than their partners. This will give birth to distraction and lack of concentration in your relationship so kick against it now that you can.

2.            Unnecessary Comparison

Your partner having a bestie of the opposite gender will spark off unnecessary comparison especially in your area of weaknesses. A guy who has a female bestie will always be deceived by her likely niceness and start comparing her with his girlfriend. Besties are always nice to each other because there are no emotions attached so they are free with each other but at the long run, it always affect their respective partners because if a bestie buys a shirt for your man, my dear you are sitting on a long thing because he may start thinking why you haven’t been as caring as his bestie without considering the fact that she may have bought the shirt just to buy him or you do not have the money and even if you bought it for him, the one his bestie bought will be more valued because to him, this is a gift from someone that he hasn’t slept with, that may bring unnecessary comparison.

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3.            Don’t Allow Your Partner Have Another Shoulder To Lean On

Relationships suffer ups and downs. There are no relationships without misunderstanding, by having a male bestie is like having a standby boyfriend because research has shown that most of the girls that ended up sleeping with their male besties started it during the times they were hurt by the partners and the only people they could lean on to was their besties. Naturally, if there was no bestie she would have thought about reconciliation and working hard to keep her relationship. The same is applicable to men, in situations that would have naturally been settle but because there is a standby free p***y he will not even think of settling the misunderstanding.  When a woman is hurt, her defenses weaken and any man that is closer to her heart at that time can easily sleep with her, some randy guys have explored these weaknesses and succeeded in sleeping with their female besties. Never allow that to happen, do not allow your partner to have another shoulder to lean on except her relations and siblings.

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4.            Divided Attention

Take it or leave it your partner having a bestie of opposite gender means divided attention, you cannot have your partners’ 100% attention because he or she will also likely be spending time with the bestie once in a while, relationships flourish when there is a 100% attention on one partner.  He or she will likely tell you they are not having any emotions attached but truth be told the emotions are gradually building up and once in a while it usually comes up but they may keep fighting it but for how long? Do not take such risk if you value your relationship.

This bestie of a thing is breaking homes, I am not saying we do not have responsible people who are best friends to people of opposite gender and haven’t been intimate with each other, however, the percentage is little, about 30% which makes it scary to allow your partner have a bestie.

 Bestie, bestie, bestie before you know pant shift..  Hhhhmmm, it is not my saying so do not be offended but I hope the message is clear.

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