3 New Proven Ways To Monetize Your Blog Apart From Adsense

3 New Proven Ways To Monetize Your Blog Apart From Adsense

“Bloggers Must Not Be Poor” – Supreme Boss

3 New Proven Ways To Monetize Your Blog Apart From Adsense – Many bloggers now have this conventional belief that AdSense is the ultimate means of monetizing their blogs.  This notion has made many bloggers not to actually grow because of the strict policies with regards to Google Adsense.

Do not misunderstand me, Adsense have helped many bloggers make so much money from their blog. For the benefit of the young upcoming bloggers, monetization is not only through Adsense, but many huge blogs also do not even use Adsense because of their policy of not using more than 3 ads network, now this is limiting for a blogger who desires to go far in blogging.

Having made so much money from Google Adsense, I can say that they are good and reliable as long as you follow their policies and do not violate them.  However, I have made research and discovered that most huge blogs overseas make more money from these 3 other sources more than they make from Adsense, the good thing about these 3 sources is that your blog will get good contents in the process.

Without further writing, let us go down to the 3 ways of making money from your blog without Adsense.

1.            Affiliate Offers:

Monetization starts with affiliate offers and all that requires is an audience.  As a blogger you already know what affiliate means, simply promoting goods and services for online businesses that offer affiliate programs and once a purchase is made, you get your percentage.   Funny and regrettably, many Nigerian bloggers do not really believe in the efficiency of affiliate marketing.  This is because most Nigerian bloggers do not believe in writing quality articles and as such, they do not want to spend time writing about products.  There are ways you use affiliate marketing and make so much money.  Do not just get the affiliate link and post on your website or get the banners and place on your site, one of the proven ways of making many sales on affiliate marketing is to write a review about the product, this means you may have to purchase the product and use.  You can also gather information on the product and write down a unique but consistent review of the product, make your audience have the belief that you want to solve a problem and not just making sales.  Let them feel you care about them, you feel what they are going through and you want to solve the problem.  There is no better way to sell than this approach. Start making money through Affiliate Marketing Programs Here.

2.            Self-Study Online Courses

Monetize your ideas by producing self-study online courses that your audience can purchase and learn on a particular thing.  For example, if you visit this post by Ifiokobong Ibanga on “How to Make $130 AdSense Profit Per Day From Copy/Paste Entertainment News Blog” you will notice that he tried solving a problem and towards the end, he talked about his ebook.  Now there is a possibility that 70% of the readers will buy that ebook.  Imagine if he sells for N3,000 and 100 readers buy that book a month, will make N300,000 a month without the fear of being banned by a certain ads network.  He can continue selling this book for months and make even more money monthly.  If you are having a food blog, simply do a training video and eBook on different recipes and sell them. This method has been used by many huge blogs and they make so much money.


3.            Create Continuity Programs

Create a program that people pay you continually may be monthly or weekly for it. This method has fetched many bloggers lots of monies over the years and still fetching.  See you can be a blogger without adding value to people. That’s the essence of blogging, to pass information, ideas and teach people certain things; a blogger is one who solves problems.  Create a program that will make your audience pay for weekly or monthly subscription to learn. You can divide them into episodes as the case may be.   In anything you decide to deal on, ensure it is top quality and you are giving them reasons to keep subscribing. 

I will continue digging more information and updating this post so keep visiting, if you want to START A BLOG and earn huge income this year then ensure to put these 3 sources to monetize your blog in mind. 

If you need more tutoring, contact me via Whatsapp chat through 09069164502. 

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