15 Things You Must Do If Your Partner Is A Cheat

15 Things You Must Do If Your Partner Is A Cheat

It really hurts sometimes to find out that the person you love and cherish is actually a cheat.  I bet you this idea can make you constantly depressed, especially in Nigeria where things are pretty difficult and you find yourself in such a messy relationship. 

This post covers both male and female so it is not one-sided. If you discovered your partner is a cheat, understand that you can’t change a serial cheater and the decision to still remain in that relationship is exclusively yours.  If you decide to walk away, well that’s a good thing but if you decide to stay then you must understand that the risk na you go take am.

15 Things You Must Do If Your Partner Is A Cheat In Nigeria

1.            Avoid Having Unprotected Intercourse With Him/her

You have but one life and there is nothing as risky as having a partner that cheats, no matter the reason is given there is no justification for cheating. Your health is your wealth so protect it, ensure you have packs of condom around you both in your house and your car, your wallet, purse, bag, etc.  Because as someone you are dating, you may have accidental quickie anywhere so ensure to protect yourself every time. 

2.            Have A Scheduled Routine Health Test With Him/Her

Make it a point of duty to constantly have a routine health test with such a partner, schedule it every 2 – 3 months and be consistent with it knowing full well that HIV is real.   Brother, sister there are other infections that are worst that HIV oo, so do an all-round test every 3 months in other to be safe. 

3.            Change Your Source Of Happiness

It hurts deeply when the person that is supposed to be responsible for your happiness is now responsible for your depression. How long you stay in depression depends on you, find something that gives you happiness and do it constantly but ensure it is not something that endangers your life, Understand that your happiness is your key to a healthy life so value it and make sure you do not deny yourself happiness.

4.            Be Closer To Your Siblings Than Your Friends

Your siblings and relations are the only ones that will never advise you to drink or flirt because your partner is cheating, they will rather try to always make you smile and that is the difference if you stick to your friends my dear they may give you advises that will make your life worst and you may even realize your cheating partner is sleeping with them. Fear Nigerians ooo, we are funny people so my brothers and sisters, stay closer to your siblings and relations more in such situations.

5.            Give Yourself Peace

This is a very vital thing you must do; your overall peace is something you should never compromise, give your body and soul peace and remain there.  Na you get your body so don’t allow someone else destroys it, give yourself peace.  Nobody deserves to take your peace away, understand that you are a special creature and no humans can come in between you and your peace.

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6.            Do Not Think Of Them In Their Absence

When they are not around you take it as if they do not exist, do not think of him/her when you are not with them.  Take them as yours only when they are with you and when they are not with you just imagine they do not exist. This will allow you to concentrate on yourself and develop self-love.

7.            Reduce How You Care

If you think that caring for your cheating partner will make them stop cheating, sorry to disappoint you that you are deceiving yourself. Nothing of such will happen, a serial cheater will always remain a cheater, it is only him/her that can decide to change and no one can change them.  When your cheating partner notices that you do not care anymore, he or she will start looking for your attention and my dear do not be fooled, if you give that attention back they will always return to their cheating ways.   Be careful and know when to start caring for them again.

8.            Take Care Of Yourself

Do not neglect yourself all because your guy or lady, husband or wife is making life unbearable for you, make sure you take care of yourself the right way. Eat the things you wish to eat, go where you wish to go and relax but be careful not to endanger your life. Do not indulge in activities that will give them reasons to laugh or mock you in the future.  Just be sure that you take good care of yourself.

9.            Look Good Always Better Than Him/Her

This is about you, concentrate on yourself. Wear good clothes and things that you love and make sure you look good at all times.  Let your appearance spark insecurity in them and jealousy. Let him or she begin to feel that someone else may come for you. Sometimes the people that cheat on us do so because they are too sure of us and they feel we can never go away, remember the decision to go away is your choice but if you chose to remain then try to always look better than him or her in your dressing and what you wear.

10.          Never Report Him or Her To Their Relations Or Friends

Humans are full of ego and don’t think that reporting their cheating life to their relations or friends will change anything rather they may even laugh at you in your absence.  Imagine telling your boyfriend’s male friend that your boyfriend is cheating on you, in the world of today 80% of men will take advantage of you and try to have an affair with you knowing full well that you are emotionally down and your resistance is weak at that point.  If you reported to their relations, it will show desperation as if you are the one forcing yourself on him or her so best is not to report to them. Even if you report to them, a serial cheater is not likely to change just because you reported them.

11.          Avoid Always Conducting Test With Him/Her In One Particular Hospital

Nigerians tight oo, they can easily manipulate results if need be, I am telling you out of what I saw. Some irresponsible doctors are in the habit of doing such for clients who offer them huge money so change hospitals when conducting the routine test with him or her else you will be getting fake results and trust me it may be too late for you.

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12.          Make A Decision About The Relationship

You need to sit back and make a concrete decision about the relationship, decide if you are comfortable with constant hurting or if you deserve to be happy always. I will always tell you that you deserve to be happy so do not allow the sentiment of having a handsome guy or beautiful girl to put you in a constant emotional and psychological prison, that is stupidity, you deserve a responsible and sincere partner and not a community d**k or p***y. 

13.          Do Not Tell Him Or Her About Your Personal Business or Private Things

If someone can share his or her nakedness with another person then such a person can share your secret with that other person because the more private thing to share is one’s nakedness.  Cheating partners cannot keep secrets.  As a man you know how to get truthful facts from your girl when you guys are on the bed and as a woman you know how men can vomit every truth just to sleep with you, they can tell you everything about their partners just to sleep with you so it’s vice versa. Keep your secrets to yourself because a cheating partner is like a website, anybody can access and get information.

14.          Learn Not To Depend On Them

How can you depend on someone that is not responsible? That’s a serious problem; learn to do things on your own without them.  When they know you depend on them for certain things they keep taking you for granted, I tell you there is always a way out to do your things without depending on them both financially and otherwise.  Never give them the impression that they are irreplaceable. 

15.          Walk Away If You Can’t Do The 14 Things Above

For your own safety please if you cannot do at least 5 of these 14 things then walk away from that relationship before we hear of another person talking sniper…  You can add your thoughts via a comment.

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