10 Things You Should Never Do To Your Bestie

10 Things You Should Never Do To Your Bestie

If you have a best friend of opposite gender and you want to remain sincere to your partner and you are never planning to have an affair with such a bestie then follow the points below and it may help you but if you ask me I will say have a best friend of the same gender.

1.            Never Kiss Your Bestie

There are actions that plant and feeds emotions till they grow up and kissing is one of them, kissing is also regarded as a very easy gesture between besties but truth be told most feelings that later become real started the very first time you kissed him or her in the name of friendship.  Try everything possible to avoid any intimacy of any kind so as to stay safe because you do not know what is in his or her mind, humans are funny creatures.

2.            Do Not Hug Your Bestie Unnecessarily

I have seen a lady who was so close and free with her male best friend that she could hug and hold him anywhere, anytime even in front of her boyfriend.  In her mind she was free but the guy was beginning to have serious feelings for her and he eventually raped her one night in her room. It was such a big issue but at the end, people said she shouldn’t have allowed him to spend the night in her room but when I talked to the guy, he told me, man to man that she was always turning him on with hugs and he has been avoiding it till he fell to the power of the night. Be careful!

3.            Do Not Be Too Fond Of Your Bestie

If there is someone you should be fond of it should be your partner, which is the right person to be fond of because humans are terrible. If you do not want to have issues in your relationship with regards to your friendship with your bestie then do not be too fond of him or her, give a little space and understand that your partner may feel hurt knowing there is another person you are fond of. Thread with caution.

4.            Do Not Go To Your Bestie When You Have Problems In Your Relationship

Your defenses at these times are weak and you can fall prey especially as a woman he may likely take advantage of you so when you have problems in your relationship stay off people of opposite gender and try to resolve the problem first, except you are no longer interested in that relationship and even so, your bestie isn’t the right person to report to, he or she is not a relationship adviser.  If you want to maintain a sincere best friendship then keep your relationship problems off your bestie’s table.

5.            Never Tell Him Or Her What Turns You On

Hahaha, please I am trying to make a point here so hope I am not sounding vulgar? If they have a knowledge of this, they may use that and get you in your days of weakness, keep intimate discussions to your partner and never disclose such a piece of sensitive information as this to your bestie.  We don’t know what is in everyone’s mind so the best practice is to play safe, this is because you do not know if he or she has an emotional attachment to you and once the opportunity clicks they will use that and get you easily.

6.            Do Not Drink Late Night With Your Bestie

Many ladies that ended up spending nights in their besties’ houses and as well having an affair with them did so during their normal sit-outs which they spent time drinking and perhaps it was late and they decided to spend the night in their besties’ apartment in their drunken state which is one of the easiest times to mess up.  This might have been planned out by the bestie without her knowing and innocently fell into the trap. Be careful and also be smart so you don’t fall prey to someone’s tricks. If you are having a sit-out without bestie, try going with your partner.

7.            Never Discuss Your Sexual Fantasy With Your Bestie

Try not to engage in such sensitive and intimate discussion with your best friend because you are gradually growing the urge in their minds and one day it may blow up, be polite with your bestie. Let your friendship be based on other discussions not sexual even if it’s in an open space because you may one day be together in closed doors and what you started without knowing may reveal itself. If your bestie likes talking about such sensitive topics just tell him or her politely to change the topic else you will go, if he or she insists and continues then leave such a person because truth be told one day they will try to be funny.

8.            Avoid Being Too Intimate With Your Bestie

I saw a guy who once told me that his female bestie shaved his armpit hair often, isn’t that weird? Such intimacy will likely end up on bed except you really have such a plan in mind because that will be the likely end. Avoid any form of intimacy with your bestie and understand that he or she is just a friend, the fact that you put ‘best’ to that word ‘friend’ doesn’t mean you should be careless.  

9.            If He Or She Makes Any Intimate Advances Tell Your Partner

That is the best way to stop his or her advances, this method has worked over 95% because he or she will know you mean it and your partner isn’t taking it kindly.  I will also advise you to stop being friends with such a person once you notice such advances because that person may likely spoil your relationship or marriage.

10.          If You Can’t Do These 9 Things Then You Are Planning To Sleep With Your Bestie

That’s the bitter truth dear if you find it difficult to avoid any of these 9 things then you are planning to have an affair with your bestie and that’s unfair to your partner.  It will hurt him, it will hurt her.

Bestie, bestie, bestie before you know pant shift..  Hhhhmmm, it is not my saying so do not be offended but I hope the message is clear.

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